OpenQI is a hack project prototyped at the recent NHS Hack day with fantastic collaboration from some brilliant people. The idea came from a desire to improve the NHS by Doctors Conrad Lee (@ckwl1), and Michael George (@drmgeorge87).

The project is ongoing, so I won’t disclose too many details, although, the gist:

“OpenQI, (QI – Quality Improvement), is an intuitive web platform where local Quality Improvement projects can be managed, stored and shared in one place.”

As mentioned, this project is ongoing so watch this space as we expect the project to have some great potential for NHS improvement. For future updates, keep an eye here, as well as the official twitter account @openQI.

Everyone involved: Nick Theodorou (@NickTheodorou), Jo Carter (@Jo_Carter64), Sebastian Yuan (@S3bster), Dr Conrad Lee (@ckwl1), Dr Michael George (@drmgeorge87), and of course us.