Silicon Valleys

Silicon Valleys is a new non-profit organisation we’re setting up to help move Wales forward regarding code literacy and digital education.

Our target age range is 9-11 and 16-18. As well as this, we’re also looking to provide digital events and sponsorship for other events and initiatives to help promote and encourage digital innovation throughout Wales.

We personally feel Wales is a little behind the curve in regards to digital job growth and digital education, even though the digital market growth in Wales is increasing fairly rapidly in places such as Cardiff Bay.

There’s several initiatives already set-up in the UK, but, unfortunately these haven’t fully made their way into Wales:


For more information, this article has some very interesting statistics on digital literacy.

The aim is ambitious, but we deeply believe its necessary. If you feel the same as us, and would love to help, then subscribe your interest here: or contact us. We’re looking for as much help as possible.

Project link: