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Hey, I'm Craig

I will be personally delivering this service. I've been working in the creative and digital industry for over 10 years, with the most recent half spent in Usability and User Experience roles, among other things. I'm very technically focused, so Data Science is a keen passion that I find very fulfilling. I'm also British Psychology Society accredited and hold a Bsc in Psychology and Computing so I know my way around people and data. Want to learn a little more? Check me out on the below:

Our Process

We follow a monthly agile Data Science & User Experience cycle to ensure we get it right

1 We research

We start our monthly cycle with research. This is key to understanding how people use your product. Their intentions, emotions, desires. Understanding these is a success multiplier.

2 We test

All research will be tested. This way we can validate our research findings with clear statistical significance. Is that button better coloured X or Y, or how about Z? We will run a test and find out.

3 We innovatate

Did you hear of the Russian equivalent of the American $10 million dollar space pen? No? Well that's because they used a pencil. We'll find your pencil using the research and testing.

4 We report

A monthly report will be created containing our research, tests, and innovative ideas in a clean and Tidy format. You will get all the important understanding behind our recommendations.

5 You implement

We provide the consultation and recommended changes. You decide which changes go forward and work with your team or supplier to implement as recommended.

6 You grow

Final step of the month. Once you've implemented our recommended changes we will see growth. To fully understand your ROI, we go back to research and start the next month cycle.

Grab yourself a place

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60 day guarantee

We’re confident we get results. So much so, we’re happy to give you 60 days to get a 100% refund with no questions asked. Give us a try and let us put our money where our mouth is.

Only 12 months

After this we’ve seen improvements get smaller and smaller with most clients making ROI harder and harder to find. Therefore, we have no intention of wasting your money or time.

Only 11 clients

Only 11 clients at one time. This is a completely manageable number to keep things personal, friendly, and mindful. We don’t want to cramp you in a service farm, we want to work with you in comfort.

One chance

We want to make this a one time deal. At the end of the 12 months you will be at a position where changes take more money and time. We don’t want to profit from previous victories.

Ethical & Responsible

We believe in ethical business. This is good for us both as we only want to work with businesses who share those values with us. This will allow us to enjoy working closely together.

Honesty & Integrity

We have no intention of taking your money and time if we can’t help you. We’ve implemented a strict 12 months, 11 clients, one chance to be just that. We don’t beat around the bush for retention sake.

Learning & Teaching

We actively want the digital world to be a better place. Craig heads up Code Club in Wales doing just that. We believe in sharing, collaborating and learning from others to bring a better service to you.

Playing & Innovation

We believe you can only be truly creative by playing with new technology, methods and ideas. Some of the best ideas come from engrossing yourself with what you love. Tell us your ideas!